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About CBD Vape Oil

CBD Vape Oil is a Decentralized (DEFI) Concept for retail industries that are restricted or denied access to traditional merchant and banking payment facilities.

When CBD first evolved there were 3 companies manufacturing CBD-based products and today over 1000 worldwide. Even though CBD is legal in most countries the majority of those companies are denied access to traditional banking services and many close down as they cannot receive payment for products or services.

With this DEFI concept, we can supply products well below the market average to experience of CBD or cannabinoid-based products only. CBD Vape Oil offers Wholesale Pricing on all CBD oil and Vape Products to the general public under certain conditions.

We only accept payment through the listed cryptocurrencies displayed at checkout. We do not accept payment through fiat currency including card or PayPal type services.

We do not offer advice, information, or recommend CBD products to new users including dosage advice. The only support we provide is for delayed or lost shipments and bulk inquiries.

If you are a first-time user of Cannabinoid or Hemp-based products including CBD and CBG we strongly advise you to find a supplier who can offer support and advice on the most appropriate products.

CBD Vape Oil offers Wholesale Pricing on all CBD oil and Vape Products to Experienced Users.

Please view our FAQ Page for more information.

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