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Ten things you need to know before you vape CBD oil

Across many forms of intake of CBD, CBD vape oil is one of the popular forms – for people who smoke or would like to start doing it without such health adverse effects as tobacco gives.

Let’s say right from the start – CBD vape oil is not actually oil. It is a special mixture that is called ‘CBD juice’. The best CBD vape juice contains:

  • VG (Vegetable Glycerin) or

  • PG (Propylene Glycol)

  • CBD isolate 

  • optionally – alcohol or water

  • flavors and scents.

So if CBD vape oil is not oil, why people keep saying it is? Well, that’s just historically. For years since the origination of CBD extract of the hemp plant has been produced in the form of oil in medical purposes, people got used to the notion ‘CBD oil’. Then, as vape substances that contain CBD instead of nicotine occurred, nobody wanted to name them ‘CBD substances for smoking’ or ‘CBD for vaping’, as it just didn’t work and people would have had many questions about the essence of the substance. So manufacturers have decided to name a product as ‘CBD vape oil’ – it became immediately clear for potential users. For the same reason, in our article, we are going to name this product as vaping CBD oil, too.

In this article, under 10 headings, we are going to tell you what CBD is, what best CBD vape oil is, how to vape CBD oil and what effects it has on the human and pet body. We also tell about vaping methods, CBD pens and batteries, and where to buy them. By the end of the reading, you will have a comprehensible guide into the world of vape oils.


CBD: what is it?

CBD is the substance that is derived from a plant called hemp. It belongs to the group of species of marijuana plants but it differs from marijuana that we all know with extra-low content of THC – tetrahydrocannabinol – which causes the effect of ‘stoning’. In addition to low natural content of THC, when producing CBD vape, the product is being purified additionally, to lower down the content to 0.3% of THC – which is considered legal based on the Hemp Farming Act of 2018, passed by the US Senate (which was to replace and broaden the Act of 2014 and divided marijuana into ‘medical’ and ‘other’). Instructions of FDA of the US concerning medical marijuana are also based on this act.

CBD is the substance that acts with a human endocannabinoid system, which is responsible for the regulation of functioning of such systems of the human body: 

  • sleep

  • mood

  • metabolism 

  • memory

  • immune 

  • energy balance

  • cognition.

While THC gives the effect of stoning when interacting with the endocannabinoid system, CBD vape does not, it only makes a person feel better and relaxed (some people have the effect of charging with energy instead of relaxation, though). 

CBD is the shortage for cannabidiol – one of over 110 substances, in addition to THC, that prevail in cannabis plants. Others ingredients are flavonoids and lesser widespread types of cannabis. CBD is derived from industrial hemp – which looks closely similar to regular marijuana. It is extracted from its flowers and stems and is used in medicine. There is another oil – hemp oil – which is derived from seeds of the plant and used in cooking and beauty industry. 

When CBD enters the body of human and pet, it triggers endocannabinoid system to produce more natural cannabidiol – and that is the main difference of CBD from THC, which is digested by the endocannabinoid system, coming into chemical reaction with it, being a psychoactive substance. Not completely purified CBD contains phytochemicals, flavonoids & terpenes, which give it smell and taste. A pure substance smells with nothing and can be additionally flavored and scented, to make it more pleasant to people to take it.


Will vaping CBD make me stoned?

No, it will not. CBD vape is mainly produced from CBD isolate, which is a crystalline powder of creamy-salty look, which is totally purified from THC and does not have any neuroactive action. What it will do is affect you to make you feel relaxed and sleepy (some people, however, are charged with energy and feel more awake than they used to be before the intake). 

What can make you stoned is not CBD vape but cannabis vapes and cartridges with THC. THC is not legal in most states and abroad countries. Pure CBD, however, while being considered legal in nearly every state without additional actions before its intake, in some states may require a person to receive a doctor’s prescription to start using it, even though a person uses CBD oil vape juice without any containment of THC. 

When you are inhaling the vapor of CBD vape oil, you actually not inhaling oil – as CBD oil as you may find it on the Internet stores is not suitable for vaping – it is destined to intake inside or on the skin. What you do inhale is a mixture of PG, VG, and CBD isolate (dissolved powder). If you try to vape CBD oil not suited for vaping, you can actually receive lipoid pneumonia over time, which is clogging of breathing tracts with oils, dirt, and waxes (which makes it harder to inhale and exhale and may cause suffocation in heavy states or associated diseases). So CBD vape oil is actually a mixture called juice, which does not have oil in its containment.

People start vaping CBD vape not for the purpose of being stoned but in order to reach health benefits of it – about which we are going to talk below in the article. Also, vaping is a faster way to receive your dose of cannabidiol than any other way is going to deliver you.


Can you vape CBD oil?

Yes. That’s what CBD oil for vaping is destined for. 

Inside of the substance, you will find VG and PG or just one of them. VG and PG are the additives, which you can find in a number of other products all over your house:

  • baby wipes

  • shampoos

  • makeup

  • pet foods (all but cats)

  • medicines

  • toothpaste

  • nicotine inhalers – if you smoke electronic cigarettes.

VG is derived from plants, while PG is a by-product of petroleum. You may wonder whether PG is bad for your health but a number of pieces of research show that the general safety for health is high and – if not beneficial – at least, it does not do any harm. So, answering is vaping CBD safe, we’re saying ‘yes’ based on the number of pieces of research.

Both PG and VG are used to make the cloud of vape actually ‘cloudy’ and also to hit your throat like it is with cigarettes, to make you ‘feel it’. They slightly differ in action and strength that they have. You can find them in a number of ready-made cannabinoid vape oils or as separately sold to make it possible for you to make your own fusion. However, if you are a novice, we do not make recommendations to you to buy them additionally (resort to ready-made mixtures), as the wrong ratio of one and another with cannabinoid vape oil can make the mixture completely unvapeable and terrible. If you don’t want to be scared away right after the first time of usage – then do not resort on your powers in this issue until you gain experience and figure out how to do right.

Also – remember about health risks if you aren’t doing it right or it turns too strong. You have to consider the correct number of the remedy for your bodyweight in order not to overdo with cannabinoid vape oil. 


Is CBD vape oil considered legal?

The legality of cannabinoid vape oil, as well as all other CBD products derived from hemp, was started by The 2018 Farm Bill. However, each state and even each city may have its own regulations considering the legality of cannabinoid vape. So, before starting purchasing and using it, it is extremely important to check the issue in your state and city. It may happen so that when you move between cities of one state, the cannabinoid vape that you are smoking can turn from legal in one into illegal in another. The same may happen between the states. The even bigger number of issues you may experience when moving from the US abroad for work or leisure – you should know that in the majority of foreign countries all forms of marijuana are illegal, whether they derive from hemp or another plant, and whether they contain THC or not. So, when you are planning your trip abroad, make sure to leave all cannabinoid vape oils and other CBD substances back at home to make sure your vacation or other abroad time will be cloudless.

If you have cannabinoid vape that contains over than 0.3% of THC in its content, you have to know that in most states, it is illegal to use it (except those, which approved the use of recreational marijuana). So if you have doubts, always check whether your product contains THC or not – to deprive yourself of possible unpleasant situations. 


How much CBD should I vape actually?

That is largely dependent on the weight of your body. Let’s do the table of doses for CBD oil vaping:



Weight, lbs




240 and higher

Low, mg




Medium, mg




High, mg





It is advisable to make sure you are starting with the minimal dose – if you are a novice. If you have been taking CBD before, then you can go to medium or high dose at once with CBD hemp oil vape. 

Such things as tolerance, age, gender, the strength of health, and habits also come into play. If you smoke infrequently and desire to compensate, you can go with a higher dose during each episode of vaping. But, to avoid adverse health conditions, make sure you are not going over what your body takes normally.


When you inhale cannabinoid vape, the following advantages of this way of intake you can see compared to other ways:

  1. Fast action – is starts working in seconds or minutes after the inhalation of vape – because the vape particles come directly into the walls of lungs, from where they are absorbed into the bloodstream, bypassing the natural mechanism of body metabolism, which largely reduces the power of everything that goes into the stomach. It is going to last for 1-3 hours.

  2. Less toxicity compared to other smoked substances: cigarettes, marijuana. Cannabinoid vape oil may contain less carcinogenic or toxic byproducts compared to regular smoking.

  3. Accuracy in dosing – cannabinoid vape oil can be very effectively dosed and you will only then overcome the needed amount when you take another dose after the initial one.

  4. Retention of cannabinoid – vaping is much more effective than smoking, which does not kill CBD by burning but turns it into gas.


Typical concentrations of cannabinoid vape oils are:

  • 50… 200 (low)

  • 200… 500 mg (medium)

  • 500… 1,000 mg (high)

  • 2,000… 4,000 mg (very high)

To find out what strength your cannabinoid vape oil has, read on the bottle – it is always indicated there (if it is not, then this product is junk and you should throw it immediately in the garbage).

CBD vape oil: health benefits

Cannabinoid vape oil has the CBD vape benefits for health as any other CBD products, and these are:


  • Neuroprotective
  • Antioxidant

  • Anti-depressant

  • Anti-anxiety

  • Migraines 


  • Appetite control

  • Anti-emetic


  • Strengthening bones

  • Bone growth stimulation

  • Arthritis


  • Vasorelaxant

  • Fights glaucoma


  • Anti-ischemic

  • Atherosclerosis

  • Anti-inflammatory

Intestines symptoms:

  • Anti-prokinetic (controls acid reflux).


Numerous studies have been done through decades and more of them are ongoing and waiting to be completed. In addition to the mentioned, it is also believed that CBD helps fight various pains – in the entire body, which cannot be attributed to only some system or organ. It is also nice to treat seizures and by-effects of autism (but not autism itself). It is also frequently used to treat insomnia or bad sleep – to make it soothing and even.

But most of all, CBD is effective in a struggle with Lennox-Gastaut syndrome & Dravet syndrome – rare processes in children, which are accompanied by seizures. After the course of treatment, patients fully or nearly fully stopped having those seizures.

In pets, it treats the same as in humans – in comparable vital systems and ailments. 

Along with benefits for health, it has adverse effects – which we are going to consider in the next chapter.


CBD vape oil: health dangers


There are health dangers and side effects of cannabinoid vape oil.


Adverse effects:

  1. High level of sedation or intoxication – if taken in amounts that largely over the medium level or if taken for the first time by a person straight in a large dose.
  2. Sleepiness, insomnia, and other sleep disturbances – which is especially ironic if a patient wants to treat those states with cannabinoid vape oil.
  3. Tiredness.
  4. Increase or decrease of appetite – which can be regulated with medications or proper changes in nutrition.
  5. Fatigue.
  6. Irritability.
  7. Diarrhea.

Cannabinoid vape oil also interacts with other drugs. There is a known long list of meds, substances, foods, and drinks, with which cannabinoid vape oil interacts by increasing or decreasing their effectiveness. For instance, in foods, it is highly undesirable to mix it with grapefruit juice or pulp.

So before starting taking cannabinoid vape, you should closely consider the list of interactions and avoid using it if you are currently taking any of them. 

The long-term adverse effects of cannabinoid vape oil are the following:

  1. It may aggravate asthma or respiratory ailments.

  2. American Lung Association tells that long-term usage of e-cigarettes with CBD may be cancerogenic, especially if often mixed with other additives like flavors, substances, nicotine, and more.

  3. Toxicity. Propylene glycol (PG) may become cancerogenic when heated – and during the long inhalation of it over months and years, it can impose a real threat. However, it is one of the points of view on the issue – the result of one batch of research. Other pieces of research tell that PG and VG are not toxic or cancerogenic even over the long term of usage.

  4. Action on minors. The same as smoking, then vaping nicotine, and now vaping of cannabinoid oils can become trendy in minors – even underage ones. Who knows what long-lasting cumulative effect on health this may have through years? 


Effects of CBD vape oil

The effects of cannabinoid vape oil are manifested in health benefits of it (from the perspective of long-term view), as well as immediate action like relief, withdrawal of pain, relaxation, and bigger satisfaction with life. 

Depending on a person, he or she may have personal effects of the action. For instance, if most people say that cannabinoid vape oil gives relaxation, for some, it gives more power and the desire to do anything. If ones tell that turn sleepy, then others tell that they feel more awake and start to have clearer thoughts. 

These are 3 major rules that we can formulate for a beginner:

  1. Do not start taking cannabinoid vape on your own without anyone around – as if you have never taken it before, nobody can foresee the personal reaction of your body on it. Make sure you have some trained cannabis practitioner around to give you help in case if anything goes wrong. 

  2. Do not mix cannabinoid vape oil with any other substance (weed, booze, medications, drugs). 

  3. Do not have a heavy meal before taking cannabinoid vape oil – as if you throw up, the entire stomach will be cleared. 


CBD vape pen/battery – what is it?

Still wondering how to use CBD oil in a vape pen? CBD vape, as a rule, comes in a form of small cartridges, which must be inserted into portable pens (or already inserted there). Pens for vaping are electronic devices, which are designed to work from a small battery, which gives the charge on the coil of the pen to heat it up safely to 350 °C without combustion. Cheaper pens do not have regulation of heat and do pretty much nothing but on and off. Costlier devices allow regulating temperature and have voltage control to prevent overheating and combustion (as well as they protect from too low residual voltage in a battery, which can also cause combustion). It is desirable to buy high-quality pens because not all cannabinoids are activated at the same temperature – and so you can adjust it to reach better effect.

CBD vape is heated and turned into vapor inside of a pen. Then this vapor is released from the opening for lips and is inhaled by lungs. You can buy one of the thousands of models of pens and batteries suitable for your pen.

Some pens are specifically designed to work with CBD vapes, while some are of general action, making it possible to vape also nicotine-containing remedies. Make sure to purchase gadget with better quality to secure self from combustions, losing CBD vape from the container, and bad work.


CBD vape pen: where to buy CBD vape oil and pens

It is possible to buy CBD vape pen in a number of online and offline places. For instance, one of the places is – a wonderful place for US citizens. On the shown page, there are 11 best CBD vape pens. Buying here, you can save up to 20% of the retail price.

Pens sold here are good enough for 30, 50, 125 mg of the liquid (amongst other models), so it won’t be a problem to find the one that suits you best.

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